Here are links to various feeds from rural fire authorities around Australia.

GeoJSON and GeoRSS

JSON and RSS files with spatial data are handled nicely by GDAL, which drives the "sf" library in R.

South Australia special

South Australia warning data with spatial info is locked down using HTML referrer checks. If you are handy with object inspectors and CURL then you can obtain the GeoJSON files. Look for URLs that begin with:


Plain JSON

These sources have lat/lon data in them, but are not native GeoJSON. They are intended to drive HTML maps.

Common Alerting Protocol

This is quite complex XML, so if you are a wizard with XML then this is probably the way to go.

CAP documentation is available from the Bureau of Meterology and OASIS.


This map was produced using these feeds. It is updated every 30min for the moment, but will probably stop when fire season is over, and one representing the horrid conditions left static.

bush fire map