Privacy policy

I do not use Google Analytics or any other image/cookie based tracking system. I block them on my browser as much as possible, and it would be hypocritical to use them on my own site.

Any cookies used by this site are for the functioning of the hosting software (Grav).

The web server at my hosting provider does collect logs, which I only look at for fault finding. Those logs store the following info:

  • IP address
  • Browser's user-agent
  • Operating system
  • Entry page
  • Exit page
  • Referrer URL

This website is hosted in Australia. There are links to external sites, and the content of those sites is outside of my control. If something looks horribly bad (e.g. a domain is taken over and my links someone point to icky stuff) please let me know and I'll remove/replace the link.

No personal data from visitors is collected, but you're welcome to send me an email or make contact using the mechanisms on the links page. If you're tech savvy then a whois lookup on this domain will give you my email address (there's no domain privacy for .au domains).