Here are links to various feeds from rural fire authorities around Australia (links updated 28 December 2022)

GeoJSON and GeoRSS

JSON and RSS files with spatial data are handled nicely by GDAL, which drives the "sf" library in R.

Here are links to a range of publicly released documents relating to Electronic Warfare. They include doctrine and standards from several countries.

Combined Communications-Electronics Board (CCEB)

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States

A colleague asked me about sources of free text books or publications on power distribution and generation, as one of his retired relatives was interested in staying up to date in the industry. After a bit of searching I found the following publications.

These are a good alternative to commercial...

Power companies in Australia tend to keep their information close to their chests. There are however a number of good places to obtain useful information. Here are links to spatial data, load data, and network data. (links updated 28 Dec 2022)

Spatial data

Ergon Energy (Queensland distribution


I have created these maps for my own reference, however you are welcome to use them non-commercially. If you want to do something commercial with them then please get in touch with me.

These instructions are intended to help you start using the Endace DAG cards. They are not endorsed by Endace, and if you're stuck then you should refer to their manuals or contact their technical support people (who are quite helpful). These instructions are based on the DAG7.5G4 PCI Express card.


These designators are taken from ACMA radio registrations and manufacturers' data sheets.

Analogue voice

  • 3K00J3E SSB Voice
  • 6K00A3E DSB AM Voice (Aviation, Marine)
  • 10K1F3E FM Voice, 12.5 kHz bandwidth
  • 11K0F3E FM Voice, 12.5 kHz bandwidth
  • 14K0F3E FM Voice, 20 kHz bandwidth
  • 16K0F3E...

The question "Which relay brand is good?" was asked on LinkedIn. A few specific answers were put forth. This is my response, which has been quite well received:

Isn't the best relay the relay that meets your specific needs in the most cost effective and reliable manner? I know this is a non-an...

The question "Does anyone know if there are guidelines or industry standard for commissioning substation LAN which focuses on Ethernet switches and possibly routers?" was asked on LinkedIn. My response was:

Yang, RFC2544 has a series of tests for benchmarking the performance of interconnect...

The question was asked "What is the basic difference between PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High availability Seamless Redundancy)". My response was:

Very simply PRP is a duplicate network of whatever design you have (could be rings, mesh or star), while HSR is a ring network. I've se...