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Here are links to a range of publicly released documents relating to Electronic Warfare. They include doctrine and standards from several countries.

Combined Communications-Electronics Board (CCEB)

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States

Power companies in Australia tend to keep their information close to their chests. There are however a number of good places to obtain useful information. Here are links to spatial data, load data, and network data. (links updated 28 Dec 2022)

Spatial data

Ergon Energy (Queensland distribution


The question "Which relay brand is good?" was asked on LinkedIn. A few specific answers were put forth. This is my response, which has been quite well received:

Isn't the best relay the relay that meets your specific needs in the most cost effective and reliable manner? I know this is a non-an...

The question "Does anyone know if there are guidelines or industry standard for commissioning substation LAN which focuses on Ethernet switches and possibly routers?" was asked on LinkedIn. My response was:

Yang, RFC2544 has a series of tests for benchmarking the performance of interconnect...