Here are links to various feeds from rural fire authorities around Australia (links updated 28 December 2022)

GeoJSON and GeoRSS

JSON and RSS files with spatial data are handled nicely by GDAL, which drives the "sf" library in R.

I have created these maps for my own reference, however you are welcome to use them non-commercially. If you want to do something commercial with them then please get in touch with me.

These designators are taken from ACMA radio registrations and manufacturers' data sheets.

Analogue voice

  • 3K00J3E SSB Voice
  • 6K00A3E DSB AM Voice (Aviation, Marine)
  • 10K1F3E FM Voice, 12.5 kHz bandwidth
  • 11K0F3E FM Voice, 12.5 kHz bandwidth
  • 14K0F3E FM Voice, 20 kHz bandwidth
  • 16K0F3E...

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